Phoebe, being sore, and Facebook rehab



We have a new doglet called Phoebe, a chocolate Springer. She is gorgeous and 10 months old. We got her from a lady who is too ill to look after her.

Today was her day 3. She is a little mental, and like a baby giraffe on speed lol. She is so incredibly adorable and affectionate. Just needs discipline and routine and lots of positive re enforcement.

Today hunky came with me to see to my boys at the yard, and like yesterday I took her for a walk on the farm first, as its quite a long journey for her, and Freyja my jack Russell. Phoebe is still on an extending lead whilst I train her. But she has a good 7.5metres to play with. We did 2 miles, which I was able to know thanks to my cool pedometer on my iPhone.

Probably pushing it, with my M.E, we also took her and the pack for a walk on the common, as well, it was nearly another 2 miles. Betty and Rex were so naughty and had selective hearing, so much so, I had to put Rex on his lead. So it didn’t feel very relaxing, as we were constantly having to reprimand the naughty little buggers. Sigh.

Then my M.E kicked my ass big time. It has been so painful to walk. My feet are KILLING me. I have pain in my Achilles and hips and calfs. Which is making my gait all over the place and causing my back to hurt.

Think I going to have to press the doctor to help me , as I refuse to take a step backwards I have been managing to do so much more lately, and I don’t want to start getting knocked on my ass again.

Despite all the pain I am in, I enjoyed my afternoon 🙂

Big change in my life, is I have come off Facebook.

Just lately it makes me feel angry to read all the shit on there. People make me feel agitated with their viewpoints and opinions. I have never been tolerant of idiots or ignorant people, but I cannot believe the stupidity I see on there on a daily basis. People blindly copying and pasting hoaxes as truth. Bigotry, hate, meanness, intolerance (which in itself is ironic).

I find myself feeling upset, wound up, stressed, agitated and antagonistic.

Getting myself into trouble with my big gob, being a keyboard warrior, even with people I am friends with. I just can’t help myself.

I just couldn’t cope with it anymore.

When you feel like launching your MAC at the wall screaming in rage, its time to step away from it.

So I did, and for a self confessed Facebook addict, that was really a big thing!

Wonder how long it will last!?

Watch this space!! Lol

About silvermaneuk

Known as Nicky Turner-Sterling at school, and married and became Field. Got divorced, now Turner-Sterling again. Married to Kristopher and kept my maiden name. Nicknames are Betty, Knickers or Nicky. I am a mom to 3 great kids. I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME & Fbromyalgia and I also have neurological problems. I am registered disabled. So I have good days and bad days. Sometimes really bad days, where I cant get out of bed. But I try not to let it hold me back, I have to work with my limitations, but after a long period of being bedridden I finally got back to working albeit part time. I seem to be constantly on a diet lol. I love photography, I love my computers, and often create digital art on it. I love to read, and I love to listen to music, passionate about photography. I love to travel and look at beautiful places.I love to mooch around shops (especially the £1 shop lol) and stuff. I love to bake and cook. Love my animals, have 4 small dogs,4 cats and 1, 8 year old pony. Spirit is my best friend, I trained him, so I could ride him for physio therapy, and trained him so I could ride with as low impact as possible. Riding helps my pelvis and hips. When I dont ride it affects my gait, and I can hardly walk, so it is an excellent form of physio therapy for me. It can also make me flare badly, so I have to get the balance right. He's bitless, barefoot and treeless, he really looks after me, and makes it possible for me to have my dream, and he gave me hope again. If my physio hadn't encouraged to to try horse riding for therapy, I probably would still be bedridden. A disabled rider can do it, with the right tools! and pace pace pace! I can talk the hind leg of a donkey and snore for England. I get bored very quickly, which means I tend to flit from one thing to another, or do more than one thing at once lol.

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